Track Your Period & Cycle

Menstrual cycles provide such important insight into ourselves, body, mind, and spirit. Let’s work one-on-one to accelerate your menstrual health goals!

Learn how to track your cycles, reclaim ancestral knowledge, and tune into your inner wisdom. 


Resource Guides

Periods aren’t just about birth control and pregnancy, right? Check out my resource guides for holistic information on menstrual cycles. 

Upcoming topics include: Sikhism & Menstruation (Mahvari), Decolonizing Bleeding, Non-Binary Cycles, and Sustainable Periods.


I recognize that we live in a very unequal world. Not everyone can afford the resources they need. I offer a variety of free, low-barrier forms of content for all learning styles.

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IM With Periods Nerd Zone

I keep up to date on new research evidence on tracking periods & menstrual cycles so you don’t have to. What can I say, I like reading. A lot.

In case you are a nerd like me, here are links to some of the keys articles, books, and podcasts on which I base my teaching method.