I teach Kaurs & folx to track 4 seasons of periods & cycles

Our goals together focus on self-care, mental health, productivity, and fertility!

Track Your Period & Cycle

Join my online 4 week course, Cycling through Seasons, starting on our laptops @ Jan 15 2020.

OR Let’s chat one-on-one about your unique cycle

Menstrual cycles provide such important insight into body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to track the 4 seasons of periods & cycles, tap into ancestral knowledge, and tune into your rhythms of productivity and self-care. 


Resource Guides

Periods aren’t just about birth control and pregnancy, right? Check out my resource guides for holistic information on menstrual cycles. 

Upcoming topics include: Sikhism & Menstruation (Mahvari), Decolonizing Bleeding, and Non-Binary Cycles. Share any additional topic suggestions!


I offer free, low-barrier forms of content for all learning styles. My current free offerings are events & workshops at various locations.

I’m also always open to visiting new places & collaborating on workshops.

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IM With Periods Nerd Zone

I keep up to date on new research evidence on tracking periods & menstrual cycles so you don’t have to. What can I say, I like reading. A lot.

In case you are a nerd like me, here are links to some of the keys articles, books, and podcasts on which I base my teaching method.