Learn to track 4 seasons of periods & cycles

Hi friend, I can sense you’re ready to explore the wisdom in your menstrual cycle.

As a woman of colour myself, I’d love to guide you on a journey with our ancestors. The practice of ‘tracking cycles’ has been used as a self-awareness tool for thousands of years across the globe. Through my coaching programs, you’ll learn about menstrual cycles as the 5th vital sign of body, mind, and spirit. Particularly from the perspective of Sikhi. There is going to be a whole lot of TMI… we’re talking about cervical mucus (the egg whites coming out of your vagina)! crying bouts! bleeding everywhere! sex drive! snacking! all the things.

Current Offerings (All prices are in Canadian Dollars)

  • 60 Minute Intro Strategy Session - $35 - anytime

  • 4 Week Cycling Through Seasons Coaching Program

    - Oct 7th - Oct 28th, 2020

    - 6 payments of $33 / 1 time payment $200

I’ll mentor you, and we’ll discover all the ways that menstrual health impacts our lives. Including self-care, productivity, socializing, and more. We’ll also strategize about fertility, pregnancy, birth control in a non-binary way. I work with people who cycle naturally, or who are taking synthetic hormones (the pill, the shot, IUD, testosterone, etc.)

I take an intersectional, body-positive approach to my teaching method. I recognize that every person has their own unique recipe of sex, gender, and sexuality. Moreover, that these are connected to our ethnicity, abilities, age, income level, faith, geographical location, and more.

If you are thinking… Taq wtf are you talking about?!?

In short, I’m going to meet you where you are at.