Menstrual Mentors: Adrienne Maree Brown

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Photographer: Sasha Bahmet

Photographer: Sasha Bahmet

Between PMS/Autumn and my period/winter, I usually become all consumed with a new movement or way of approaching life.  My whole body reacts viscerally to the spark of enlightenment.  I usually end up spending days obsessing over every news article, book, podcast episode, and interview done about the idea or person.  Last cycle, I got really into the Danish Art of Living called Hygge.  Have you heard of it?  I went out and bought what feels like 50 candles, and was determined to sip tea in cozy socks near a flickering flame from now until eternity. 

This menstrual cycle, I’m in the infatuation phase with a profound way of self and community organizing called “Pleasure Activism”.  Adrienne Maree Brown is a writer, facilitator, organizer, and doula, who introduced the English world to the concept en masse when she published her book Pleasure Activism in February 2019. 

Illustrator: Angelica Alzona

Illustrator: Angelica Alzona

In essence, the idea and practice insists that we find space for joy, happiness, comforting moments, and tender care in our everyday lives, despite the constant pressures of capitalism, hetero-patriarchy, and colonialism.  As soon as I heard about it my brain thought, “YASSSSSSSSSS!!!!”. What a radical, innovative approach to social justice work and menstrual health organizing (Adrienne is also a sex columnist for Bitch media).  It’s easy to feel like change requires constant suffering… that creating change is a form of chronic pain. Instead, Adrienne insists that we find pleasure to raise the vibrational energy of our collective body, mind, spirit. 

Photographer: Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahman Mushfique

Photographer: Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahman Mushfique


I’d heard about her previous work, and listened to a few of her interviews this summer. However, it wasn’t until my recent PMS depression brought on by over-eating climate change sensational news media that I was looking around in the dark for a way out.  I came across Adrienne and her sister’s podcast How to Survive the End of the World, and become instantly hooked on their wisdom. 

In my frantic googling, I found that AMB has also written a few pieces about menstruation. She even goes into detail about her self-care routine during the days of bleeding. Check both posts out here:

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I’m grateful to be cycling alongside such powerful menstruators and community leaders.  Our blood and flow connect us in spirit.

Menstrual health promo tip:

Take 10-15 minutes to choose your menstrual mentor for this cycle or the next one.  Who’s creative work do you turn to you when your hormones are in flux? Who guides you through your bleed? Who’s voices have survived and thrived through generations of periods to share their knowledge with us? 

And with that, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post for IM With Periods! To learn more about your own cycle or the cycles of partners, sisters, siblings, and friends you can:

Happy cycling!

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