How to clean and use a menstrual cup

Menstrual cups are one of the most sustainable option for period products.  Additional sustainable options are cloth pads & period underwear (that don’t get put into vaginas).

Cups are made out of silicone that is flexible enough to fold and stick into our vaginas.  Watch an online video on how to pinch and put one in (so sexy right). Make sure to really open up your vulva lips.  

Cups can hold up to 30 mL of blood.  Most pads and tampons only hold about 5mL.  To take out: insert your finger and thumb into vagina, pinch the silicone tip, and pull very gently.  Serious emphasis on the gentle.

A cup with a ring on let’s you hook a finger into (e.g. In the beginning, the scariest part is getting it out.  The key is just to push it out.  Use those pelvic muscles! It’s like giving birth to a tiny little cup of your blood… too far? 

There are many positive aspects of menstrual cups. One cup will last up to 5 years and they are easily transportable.  I use my blood to fertilize my indoor plants.  If you are thinking, “wtf no!!!” You can just pour the blood into your toilet. To clean: rinse cup under hot water, and at the end of your period boil the cup in water for 10 minutes. Store in the case that it comes with.