Sat Sri Akal, where is your vagina from?

Hello and Sat Sri Akal (greeting in Sikh-Punjabi) reader!  I have a very important question to ask you. First, some context: My vagina hails from South Asia, specifically the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Now my yoni is living on Coast Salish Territory in the settler-colonial country of Canada. What about you? Where are your vagina ancestors from?  



The old stories of our vaginas are a pretty big deal for me. Let me tell you why. Through geographic specificity, we can tap into the ancestral knowledges from the area.  For example, I draw on the practices of Ayurvedic massage and eating plans, Sikhism and spirituality, and Buddhist mindfulness to raise my vagina’s consciousness. Moreover, I am able to acknowledge my vaginal privileges & oppressions when I’m thinking in relation to land. I share solidarities with Indigenous kin & relatives through our mutual connections as “colonial Indians”.

All of our ancestors had their own unique ways of taking care of bodies, minds, and spirits.  In order for communities to grow, vaginas obviously played a critical role.  Even today in the modern world, vaginas from the Global North/West, to the Middle World, to the Global South/East and all the pacific islands are supporting the earth to turn.

We have over 10,000 years of vaginal knowledge coursing through our blood (literally flowing!). In 2019, a significant component of health and wellness involves tracing our ancestors ways of healing.  With greater self-awareness comes tender care for our bodies and the collective. 

Art: @caseyweldon

Art: @caseyweldon

At the same time, by being open about where our vaginas come from, we learn to treat ones from elsewhere with compassion, respect, and love. Why wouldn’t we want to share in the vaginal diversity & experience from across the globe, right? Through the practice of acknowledging land, we can develop a deep understanding of the vaginas that came before, and foster the vaginas that will come after us.