5 Step Facial & Journaling Ideas

Why mix facials & tarot cards?

The new moon passing is perfect for cozying up and nourishing ourselves. It’s time for olympic level snacking.  I usually have PMS or Post-Ovulation right around the new moon, which is when I need self-care the most. One of my favourite self-care activities to do during the autumn part of my menstrual cycle is a five step facial routine.  The whole process takes about 30 minutes, and includes time for self-reflection.

I do a facial to support my skin health and be luxurious, not because I don’t want pimples.  I believe pimples are a gorgeous part of our natural detox system. Their emergence gives us insight into what’s going on in our body.  I’m also not someone who can journal everyday (seriouuuuss props to those who do). However, I make time once during each season of my cycle to contemplate my intentions and actions.  For more on cycling through the seasons, check out the IM With Periods resource guide here.

My go-to method of journaling is to pull tarot cards.  

Tarot are used by people across the globe to unpack the struggles and triumphs of life.  If you don’t have a tarot card deck, you can access one online for free. Most of the digital decks use the European influenced Rider-Waite, which is the most popular English language tarot.  There are so many amazing artists who are publishing new decks every year.

In 2019, my main challenges are finding time to pursue passions, care for friends & family, make some money, pay debts, eat, meet cute animals, and somehow rest in between.  All the while, being a compassionate human being. Drawing cards helps me gain new perspectives on whether I am achieving my goals, and allows me to get rid of any negative judgements I am holding onto.   

Here’s my 5 step facial and tarot card routine that works for all skin types and personalities.  I gather all items close to a source of water (e.g. sink, stream, river, or ocean). I also set up my tarot deck, pen, small sheet of paper, and optional altar nearby with a comfortable seat.

1. Wash face using a gentle cleanser (avoid soaps) - 1 minute

Ground oats mixed with water, castor oil, or any gentle cleanser you have at home will work.  Make sure to rub in circular motions, massaging the skin.

2. Steam face using herbs and water - 8 minutes

Prepare a pot of water, cover with lid, and bring to a boil. Add some herbs you are not allergic to. I like to use calendula or peppermint. You can also go out and pick some needles off an evergreen tree close by if you don’t have any in the house.  Once you’ve added the herbs, turn off the stove. Bring pot to the place you want to steam. Take off the lid and once the initial burst of steam has been let out, hover your face over the pot for 8 minutes. Breathe lightly.

3. Nourish face using face mask & Pull Tarot  - 15 minutes

Choose an ingredient or two for a face mask.  Honey works for everyone. Organic yogurt is also a good option.  If you are feeling super fancy, you can make a clay mask using ½ tablespoon clay plus 2 tablespoons warm water.  Bentonite and pink clay work best for all skin types. Dab the mask on areas where your skin detoxes the most. For me, it’s my jawline and middle of my forehead.  Leave on for 15 minutes

Unmasking our intentions

While your mask is setting, sit in a comfortable seat on the floor, chair, or ground.  I like to sit at table where I can put my tarot cards, paper, and some items for an altar.  For my altar, I usually light an unscented candle, burn some herbs, and charge a crystal. Your altar can include any items that you find grounding. Draw a tarot card for each of the following journaling prompts or answer them without cards:

  • What can I let go of to bring me closer to my inner wisdom?

  • What can I draw on to support my goals for the next cycle?

  • What resources did I overlook this cycle?

Use your writing and interpretation to craft an affirmation for the next season of your cycle. An affirmation is a phrase with positive language, that can repeated during times of stress, anxiety, sadness, shock and/or anger.  

“I’m a commitment to my unwavering self-worth”

4. Protect face using cold water - 1 minute

After 15 minutes, lightly wipe off the face mask using a clean towel, splash your whole face with cold water.  If you have a scented water at home you can spray this on. I like to use a good quality rose water.

5. Moisturize face using an oil - 3-5 minutes

As a final step, use ½ - 1 teaspoon of an organic oil to moisturize your face.  Give your face a mini massage by working the oil deep into your skin. Organic jojoba, sesame, and sweet almond oils are nourishing to all skin types, and can even be blended together for a synergistic effect.

My facial routine and tarot card pulls provide the space to ground, at least 4 times a cycle! I like to use herbs, masks, and water that I have at home.  

Basically….. we all neeeeeed down-time. For menstruators, we tend to have the least amount of energy after ovulation.  A facial and tarot card pull is a rejuvenating practice away from screens, a jump up from reality, and into the magical realm.

And with that, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post for IM With Periods! Let me know if you found the tips helpful for planning your own self-care routines.  You can DM me on Instagram or send me an email to bhandalt@outlook.com.

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Happy cycling!

Love, Taq