Cervical Mucus is Not an Infection

Are there egg whites coming out of your vagina? Don’t worry you don’t have some crazy infection. Cervical mucus (CM) is a perfectly ordinary substance that is released by the cervix into the vagina during the fertile window of our menstrual cycles.

Art: Unknown

Art: Unknown

CM is a wet, sticky, lotion-y, or egg white-like and ends up on underwear and toilet paper.  The stretchiness of cervical mucus tells us if we are fertile or sick. People on synthetic hormones (the pill, hormonal IUD, the shot, testosterone, etc.) might not experience the same consistency of CM because the body is in a state of menopause (shocked? find out more by booking a $30 intro session with me).

Cervical mucus actually protects against infections, and also functions to store and entrap sperm (in case a penis gets super pumped inside our vagina).  Since I don’t want to have kids anytime soon or potentially ever, I don’t have unprotected penis-vagina sex when I can see my cervical mucus (For more on Fertility Awareness Method as natural birth control visit my work with me section, or the nerd zone). 

When I asked the group of 1,500+ menstruators what they wish they knew about their vaginas when they were younger, pretty much all of them mentioned cervical mucus. So your vagina isn’t sick, it’s just magical!